Amass AS150 Connectors

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Amass AS150 is a 7mm gold-plated anti spark connector.  Sold individually as a pair (male + female).  Available with a black or red sheath.

The AS150 provides an excellent, low resistance, contact surface.  It's female plugs are spring loaded to ensure a reliable connection is maintained if subject to vibrations such as on an e-bike.  They are easy to solder thanks to their open sided design and they are just as easy to assemble.  They simply screw into their nylon sheaths.

In high voltage use, such as a 12S battery setup, a spark can damage the contact surface of your connector over time.  The anti spark design ensures lasting performance.

Compatible with up to 6AWG wire.  Rated for constant 150A and peak 200A current.  They have a self insulating sheath.

For assembly,

  1.  Solder the connector after the cable is passed through the sheath
  2. Allow solder joint to cool then screw connectors into sheath