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This purchase option is for the module only.  If you wish to use it with kCap and kWeld we suggest opting for the kSupply kit which includes the necessary cables and the heatsinks to get the most out of this module when used to power kWeld.

This module is a versatile and fully adjustable high current voltage regulator with output current limiting. It is meant to be mounted directly on a specific 12V server power supply. Two different models are supported:

  • DPS-800GB (Fujitsu, very loud)
  • HSTNS-PR01 (Hewlett-Packard, less fan noise)

Both are available in used condition for little money via platforms like ebay – sometimes for less than $30. Other models may also work if they provide a compatible pinout. For more details, please refer to the kSupply user manual. Alternatively, the module can also be connected to any 12V power supply (like for example a desktop computer’s ATX power supply) by attaching cables to its screw terminals.

The module has been designed to rapidly charge the kCap ultracapacitor module for high speed welding, but it can also be used for many other applications that require a stabilized voltage at high amperage. For example, build a high current laboratory power supply from it by attaching external potentiometers for voltage and current.

The ability of the module to operate either in constant-voltage or in constant-current modes also allows to use it as a charger for high capacity Lithium batteries. Please note, that in such a case additional protection circuitry is mandatory to safely operate these batteries, e.g. a BMS.

With a small hardware change, the module can also operate in two quadrants and is able to transfer negative output current back to its input terminals.

An optional heatsink kit is also available.


This article does not include output cables, as their length and termination is highly application specifc. If you plan to use this module to power a kCap ultracapacitor module, then you need to make a suitable cable, or you can purchase a preassembled cable kit.

The key specifications are:

  • output voltage adjustable from 0V to 12V
  • output current adjustable from 0A to 70A
  • maximum power throughput 840W
  • can drive current into a short circuit like an ultracapacitor
  • automatic transition between constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) modes
  • overtemperature protection through current reduction
  • continuous output current
    • DPS800GB, without heatsink kit: 70A
    • HSTNS-PR01, without heatsink kit: 50A
    • HSTNS-PR01, with heatsink kit: 70A
    • free air, without heatsink kit: 40A
    • free air, with heatsink kit: 50A
  • output enable from server power supply routed out to a header
  • minimum voltage drop from input to output: 1.4V at 70A
  • input voltage range: 7V to 16V
  • fast response to load changes: 80µs
  • dimensions without heatsinks: 86 x 53 x 18mm