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Megacell Charger is built to make Lithium Ion battery re-use efficient and effective. Making use of used cells that still have a purposeful second life in your hands as a Rewire Master. First, harvest cells, second, use the Megacell Charger to individually check each cell for their capacity, internal resistance, put them through charge discharge cycles and plot all the stored data for each individual cell so that you can match them up into a new battery pack for your application. Each charger comes with one software licence.  NOTE: You will need a power supply providing 5V and 1 Amp per cell (16Amps minimum) such as keenlab's kSupply.

  • 16X 18650 cells capacity
  • PC Software that allows control of each cell independently. Set different cycle count, charge or discharge state, choose manual or automated workflow.
  • The software uses a database to store the cell test data. It can display graphs of the entire charge and discharge cycle, cell internal resistance, and plotted data of each cell’s temperature during the process.
  • You can design the new battery pack directly from the software, and it will display which cells to use for building the battery pack, and it helps you manage the stock as well.
  • The software is integrated with dyno 450 and Brother label printers, speeding up the workflow for tagging your cells.
  • Charger has a variable discharge rate, from 100 to 1000 mA
  • It detects low voltage cells starting as low as 1 volt and attempts a slow recovery.
  • The implemented workflow allows setting the number of cycles and a store voltage. This feature is excellent for those who want to store the cells at a voltage other than min or max. As an example, to comply with the newest DOT and IATA regulations, you must have the cells discharged to 30% of their capacity before shipping.
  • Software allows multiple devices to be connected. An Enterprise interface mode developed especially for some of our large clients can control 80 Megacell Chargers simultaneously from the same computer.
  • Monitoring the cell temperature continuously and accurately has been a key feature added to improve the testing process’s safety. Therefore, Megacell Charger has a temperature sensor for each individual cell. The software can stop a process automatically if outside of set thresholds.
  • Charger has two low noise 50 mm cooling fans with individual radiators to dissipate the heat from the discharging and charging process safely.
  • It uses the specialized TP4056 board for each cell. This allows independent and safe charging conditions